lørdag 14. april
1 etg.


Inngang: 90
Kl. 23:00

AKIOKI is a DJ duo of Andrija Eric and Oliver Djordjevic, both from Belgrade, Serbia, whose project lasts more than 10 years.During this period they have performed in almost all relevant clubs and at most of the festivals in the region. They are founders of Soul Print Recordings label which has recently achieved remarkable successes on the global scene and has published numerous renowned deep house artists. They are recognizable by refined house and techno sound, but also by a wide musical taste, so you can often hear them in sets that differ from electronic music. Apart from performing and being engaged in publishing activities, they are also a part of various other projects like RADIO.D59B, Club TAMAN.D59B and Sunday Drippin’ parties at PRŽIONICA.D59B.