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Patrice Scott (Sistrum Recordings, Detroit) - Larus (Live) - DJ Hooker - Jonas Wiik

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Patrice Scott is one of Detroit’s top producers of deep house and techno music. Substance, quality, and diversity are the driving forces behind this artist who has touched the world by storm in the early stages of his career. P. Scott has a fascination and desire to be anything but the norm. This fascination began in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 13 while attending a neighborhood party by a local Detroit group who went by the name Sharevari. It was at this time that P. Scott received his first lesson and exposure to what was then called progressive music.

From that point, more influence came from local area artists and disc jockeys such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and the Electrifying Mojo (Charles Johnson). Exposure to Chicago’s WBMX and WGCI, which featured artists and disc jockeys such as Chip E, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Larry Heard, also played a factor in shaping P. Scott’s musical direction.

After purchasing his first set of turntables, P. Scott began to hone his DJ skills. He played at local venues throughout the city of Detroit with legends such as Ken Collier and Jeff Mills and hold a most notably weekly residency at the Amsterdam Lounge (Windsor, Ontario) under the promotional group Cybersoul T.Q.E. While continuing to develop as a DJ, P. Scott began to remix music using two cassette recorders, a drum machine and turntables. Although these remixes never made it out of his basement, this was the beginning of his evolution as a producer. In the following years he focused more and more on his studio production skills and his own label Sistrum Recordings.

LARUS (Live)
Nine months after he was conceived in the collision between two tectonic plates, Larus Sigurvín, direct descendant of Ingolf Arnasson, was born.

Sigurvin The Great left Iceland and headed to the mainland were his ancestors once left. Larus discovers that waves not only moves through air and water, but also through electronical cords, and it did not take long until his amplified music gave seismic waves in Oslo’s electronic music underground scene.

Larus will perform live with his take on elektro, house and techno, with strong references to Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Carl Craig and Cluster to name a few.


Thomas aka DJ Hooker is dedicated to vinyl. With his collection of electronic music and his extraordinary taste in music it’s worth experience the magic he can do behind the turntables.

He has been part of the Oslo club scene for the last decade. With his big love for house og techno music, Jonas has proven his ability to move dancefloors across Oslo.

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