lørdag 01. oktober
1.etg og 2.etg

Deep Grooves med OSI303 // Lørdag 1. oktober // DJ B Maloney (nede)

Inngang: 120,- tilgang til hele huset.
Kl. 23:00

I tillegg til at sjefsbae DJ B Maloney holder nede klubben i 1. etasje med sin ekstremt poppis signaturblend av afrobeat & dancehall, blir det stort og dypt oppe i 2. etasje lørdag 1. oktober:
På engelsk for all the people in the back!
Deep Grooves with OSI303
OSI303 is an passionate talent who is quickly building his reputation in Oslo & internationally. He started of as a DJ and one year later he signed his first contract with an international label producing his own music. He likes music that reaches to the depts of your soul and takes you to other places. Deep House is on the top lof his list of favourite genres. It brings you back to that feeling of being in an old school Jazz lounge somewhere in Chicago and in the next second, at a beach somewhere in Cape Town. The sound stretches from being free & atmospheric, to funky, dirty, fresh & clean soundscapes.
OSI303 will offer a full night of deep grooves you don’t want to miss!
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