lørdag 01. juli

PRE-PARADE! Karmaklubb*

Inngang: Gratis
Kl. 10:00

For the most wonderful Pre-Parade brunch, we go one of Oslo’s absolutely finest gardens: Dattera til Hagen! Coffee, very budget friendly vegetarian food, drinks for the occasion, Disko Brewing garden tap. What could be better?! Well, Espen Iden will be DJing! And there will be some Drag presence, too. Clues: Eliza Fierce on site; Phoenix D’vine aka Disco Jesus / Lavender Jesus / Yellow Freddie varnishing your nails (in lavender, of course — or, neon yellow, all depending on the mood) before the Parade. When: 10:00–13:00 — then run down to the Parade outside! Where and with: Dattera til Hagen, Grønland 10, Oslo. ID 20. * FREE ENTRANCE! Please be there early to get your nicest spot. Due to food etc.: Attending = attending <3 Please DM if you’d like to reserve for a larger crowd. * ↗︎ Facebook event * ↗︎ broadcast event profile here.

Stay tuned for more information.

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